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Our operations extend beyond global news distribution to include an array of mass communications disciplines. We have network stations in Morocco covering the North African region, Jordan and Beirut covering Levant, and Dubai covering the GCC. We are headquartered in Dubai and offer localized services with international standards and a global reach.

With significant experience working with governmental authorities including the Abu Dhabi General Secretariat of the Executive Council, we have a diverse range of clientele from governmental institutions to large international companies which enables NSG to deliver its services across a variety of different industries targeting diverse stakeholder audiences. Some of our clients include: Masdar, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, DP World, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Yahoo, Hilton, and Ernst & Young in addition to other governmental entities and multi-national organizations.

As demonstrated by our extensive list of governmental organizations, and multinational business entities, NSG can deliver comprehensive news related services due to our strong industry alliances which can provide immediate and direct access to global news and media powerhouses.

We seek to align with individuals who are keen to learn and broaden their work horizons through knowledge sharing, a key attribute to our operational philosophy.

While we are experts in our field, our staying power is a result of individual empowerment and motivation to continually expand our knowledge base. Working with clients who share the same mentality is an opportunity for each entity to feed off of each other's strengths to truly adopt the values and virtues of team work.


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